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The DM4/5 T-Chip (updated)
click here for printable version

Installation of the DM T-chip Chip

1. Unplug the battery and ensure the battery is removed.
2. Carefully remove the old chip but prying up one side of the chip slightly, and than the other      side.
3. Continue alternating sides until it releases from the socket.
4. Align the new chip so that the small dent is pointed TOWARD the front of the marker
5. Press the chip in firmly until it is completely seated be careful not to bend the pins.
It may be necessary to bend the pins in slightly for them to line up with the socket.


The DM4/5 function much like the stock chip, however, the setting and LED functions are different. To turn on the marker, tap the power button on the membrane pad. As soon as the button is tapped, the LED will light RED for ½ sec, followed by the appropriate LED color for the mode you are in. The marker is now ON and in fire mode. The color of the LED will denote the mode that the marker is in (see below). To put the marker in Safety, tap the power button while Live. The LED will flicker green quickly. To return to Fire state, tap the power button again. When the marker is turned “on”, the saved settings are used. To turn off the marker, depress and hold the power button for 2 sec.

Note1: When you power up your marker for the first time after installing a new chip, the LED will cycles through the colors very quickly. This loads the default settings, and will only happen on the first bootup of your DMT chip. 

Note2: DIP switch 1 is a travel lock. When ON, the marker cannot be turned on. Turn switch OFF to use marker. 

Note3: DIP switch 4 is the Tournament lock. Turn ON for tournament settings. DIP 2 and 3 are not used. 

Shot Q’ing - If enabled, when the trigger is pulled and no ball is in the breech, the marker will wait up to ¼ sec for a ball to enter the breech and will AUTOMATICALLY fire. This feature prevents “lost” shots because your fingers are faster than your hopper, and is still legal since it does not add shots. 

Anti-Bolt stick - If enabled, the first shot will have the ABS dwell (dwell + ABS setting). All other shots will have the standard dwell. If the marker is not fired for 10 sec, the first shot will have the ABS setting again.

Force Semi Mode - If the trigger is pulled and held long enough (Force Semi Time), the marker is automatically set to semi mode and the eyes disabled. This is to guarantee the marker will function, regardless of the eye or mode.
Note: This feature is disabled on any mode that requires you to hold the trigger. (NXL, Nitro, Auto)

LBI - If your board supports LBI, the LED will flicker WHITE quickly every 3 sec to indicate your battery is low.

To disable/enable the eyes - push the eye button until the LED turns RED (disabled, ROF capped), BLUE (disabled, ROF uncapped) or GREEN (enabled). When the eyes are disabled, the marker is capped at 12bps, regardless of MROF setting.

Changing Modes of Fire
1. Hold down trigger and tap the ON button at the same time. The LED will cycle through its colors very quickly, let go of the trigger after the LEDs cycle. You are now in the Modes Menu. 
2. Simply press the trigger to cycle through the modes. The color of the LED indicated which mode you are in... 

-Red - NPPL Semi
-Green - Reactive Trigger
-Blue - 3 Round Burst
-White - Full Auto
-Red - CFOA (capped semi)
-Purple - Nitro
-Yellow - PSP Ramping
-Teal - NXL Auto

3. Once you have selected the mode you want, tap the ON button, the LEDs will cycle again to indicate that your setting has been saved. 
4. The marker has returned to Live Mode with your desired mode of fire.

Adjusting Setting
With your DMT Chip, you have full control over how your marker shoots. Below are the instructions for changing your settings. This may sound confusing at first, please read the sample below the chart. 

1. Press and HOLD the EYE button.
2. While holding the EYE button, tap the POWER button
3. Continue to hold the EYE button, the LED will flash red once, pause, then flash once again. At this time you can let go of the EYE button and you are now in Setup1 (Reference Chart Below). IF you continue to hold the EYE button after the first LED blink, and the second LED blink, it will then blink twice together. If you let go, this will bypass Setup1 and bring you straight to Setup 2. If you hold the EYE button until the LED blinks 3 times together and release the EYE button, this will restore the DMT default settings. 
4. Once you are in your desired Setup Menu, the LED color will indicate which setting you are currently in. Pull the trigger X amount of times to set your setting. The first pull of the trigger sets the value at its minimum, each pull after that increments the value based on the chart below. 
5. Tap the EYE button to move on to the next setting. You can also ignore a setting and bypass to the next setting by not pulling the trigger, and just tap the EYE button till the LED indicates the setting you desire.  
6. When finished with your settings, you can tap the POWER button to enter Live mode, from any setting or Setup Menu. If you cycle through all the settings, the marker will automatically exit the menu, and enter live mode. 
7. The LEDs will cycle quickly to indicate your settings were saved.  











1 bps














Eye Delay






Force Semi

2 sec



.5 sec




Shot Q’ing












After Nitro






Trigger speed






Trig pulls to ramp

4 pulls

2 pulls


1 pull




Restore Default








Eye Alignment








ROF - Firing speed of the marker - Min. 9bps -
Dwell - Time Solenoid is on - Min. 0ms - Increments 1ms
Debounce - Debounce of trigger - Min. 2ms - Increments 1ms
Eye Delay - Delay after eyes check to ensure ball is completely in chamber.
Force Semi - Time needed to force marker into semi mode - Min. Disabled - Increments 0.5 sec.


Shot Q’ing - If the trigger is pulled and no ball is in the breach, the marker will wait for up to ¼ sec for a ball to enter the breach and then will AUTOMATICALLY fire.
ABS - On first trigger pull, ABS is disabled, after that, each trigger pull will increment the ABS 1ms
After Nitro - The LED will blink Purple followed by the color of the switched mode. Pull the trigger to cycle the modes. 
Trigger Speed - Minumum Trigger pull speed to activate ramping. I.E. 5bps
Trig pulls to ramp - number of trigger pulls needed to start ramping.

Setup3 - restores default factory settings


Example 1: (Remember, the FIRST trigger pull, resets the setting to the minimum setting. Every trig pull after that increments)

Tap the POWER button with the Eye Button held down until the LED blinks once, then once agian. (Setup1), release EYE button.

Pull trigger four times (ROF, 9+1+1+1 = 12 bps), tap EYE button (next setting),

Tap  the EYE  button (next setting, Dwell unchanged),

Pull trigger six times (Debounce, 0+1+1+1+1+1 =5ms), tap EYE  button (next setting),

Tap  the EYE button (next setting, Eye Delay unchanged),

Pull trigger three times (Force Semi: .5+.5+.5 = 1.5 s), tap EYE Button (next setting),

Tap the  EYE Button (next setting, Shot Q’ing unchanged),

Tap the EYE Button (next setting, ABS unchanged),

TAP Power Button (exit Setup mode).

Marker is ready for play with ROF of 12bps, an unchanged Dwell, a 5ms Debounce, an unchanged Eye Delay, a 1.5s Force Semi, an unchanged Shot Q’ing setting, and unchanged ABS setting.

Example 2:

 Tap the POWER button with the Eye Button held down until  LED blinks twice quickly (Setup2), release the EYE Button

Click Eye Button (next setting, Shot Q’ing unchanged),

Click Eye Button (next setting, ABS unchanged),

Pull trigger until the LEDs alternate between PURPLE and TEAL (After Nitro: NXL mode), click Eye Button (next setting),

Pull trigger twice (trigger speed: 5+1, 6bps), click Eye Button (next setting),

Pull trigger three times (Trig pulls to ramp: 2+1+1+1, 5 pulls), click Button1 (next setting),

Click the eye button (exit Setup mode).

Marker is ready for play with other settings unchanged, NXL mode after Nitro, 5bps Trigger speed, and 5 trig pulls to ramp.

Eye Alignment Tool

When in the Eye Alignment Tool, the LED will light up when the eye is properly aligned. If the eye is blocked or misaligned, the LED will NOT light. this tool is used to verify that your eyes are clean and functioning.