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The T-switch Installation Manual
click here for printable version

To install the T-Switch, you will need the following:
         a. Small flathead screwdriver
         b. A Small Nail
         c. A hammer
         d. A small safety pin or staple

To install the T-Switch:

Disconnect the 5pin connector from the Control board.

Use the small screwdriver to remove the two screws that holds the “Safety” switch in place.

You can remove the trigger at this point if you believe you need to, but its not required.

Use a nail to “punch out” the pins that hold in the trigger switch. The pins must be punched from the right side of the grip (opposite side of the Safety switch). The pic below shows one pin removed and one pin partially punched.

When properly punched, the pin will look like this (See below). Remove the pins.



Remove the two pins and pull the entire Switch harness out of the frame. See Below.


Now use a Small safety pin to a single straightened staple to remove the BLACK and BROWN wires from the 5pin connector.

Insert the pin inside the plastic locking tab and raise it SLIGHTLY!! Too much and you will break it off.


Then, carefully pull the wire out.




Repeat this for the second wire.

After that, simply insert the new wires into the connector (Order does NOT matter for Black and Brown). Then reassemble the marker by doing these instructions in reverse order and LIGHTLY tapping the trigger switch pins in with the hammer.

NOTE: The 25g T-Switch must be installed upside-down so that the trigger make contact with the metal lever instead of the button.