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Paintball Minigun Marker

Plans to make one yourself are in the works. Should be avail in 2008.

Well, I'm working on one of the most wanted types of paintball markers out there: the Paintball Minigun. i've been wanting to build one for a while, but haven't had the time or tools I needed. Well, I still don't hve the time or the tools, but that's never stopped me before.

Since the easiest part to design is the barrel system, I started there. Here is a piece of solid aluminum that has been milled to accept the 6 barrels and center bearing system.

Then the aluminum barrels have been added. (These are rough barrels)

And here's a pic of the barrels with the main firing housing. (The pod shows you its size)

So, she's finally coming together. Here's a video of the testing of the variable barrel motor.

Click here for video!!!

This last week I attached the front handle and rear grip. Plus the battery mount (under the grip) and all the electronics that controls the speed of the spinning barrels. The more you pull the trigger, the faster the barrels spin.

Finished the timing circuitry. As you can see from the video, each time a barrel lines up, the LED turns on. This will allow the marker to fire each time the barrels line up.

Click here for video!!!

Pnuematics are complete. I decided to use a MAC noid instead of the stock noid. With an Eclipse QEV and some modification to the actual firing bolt, I've managed to reach 36bps. I'm going to see if I can do the same with the stock noid and SP QEV.

OK, So here are the first few videos of test:

First test: Training mode (just enough dwell to hear the puff of air), no balls, main battery starting to get low. Also shows the variable speed of the firing ability:

Second test: 150psi, 14ms dwell, no balls, main battery on its last leg:

And Finally: 150 psi, no balls, newly charged main battery:

Here is the final pics (Qloader on it now, but any hopper system will work. I have a high speed backpack in the works now).

Here are some pics made at a Scenario Game at Fort Ord.

Still waiting for my video to be Emailed to me........