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Sniper Rounds ...

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Custom built to order.

Sept. 2012
We are moving forward with asking for funding for our new Magazine sniper Rifle. If you want to help us bring this to life and give us the opportunity to offer it to all, please follow this link: Sniper Rifle Page

Our custom Sniper rifle is currently in development. We will be offering a cylinder and magazine version. The rifles will be able to fire standard paintballs, First Strike Rnds, and our Sniper Rounds. They are low pressure and ultra quite. They will be avail in both electric and mechnical versions.

Compatible with:

All .68 rounds

Sniper Rifle Specs:

    • Used on any .68 cal paintball rnds
    • Increases accuracy, decreases firing report
    • Low pressure and super air efficient
    • Electric or mechanical versions
    • Cylinder or magazine versions
    • All aluminum construction

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