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Board will not turn on

Board will not fire

Marker is double firing
  • Check connectors/wires

  • Replace Battery

  • Check power switch connection

  • Check power switch wires

  • Turn board off for 10sec
  • Check connections/wires
  • Replace Battery
  • Verify eyes are working/aligned
  • Verify that switch is working
  • Adjust trigger pull

  • Raise Debounce

  • Replace Battery 


Solenoid clicks but doesnt release the striker. Which way does the chip go on my DMT-Chip? My DMT-Chip is chopping paint.
  • Increase dwell setting

  • Oil marker properly

  • Adjust the sear (see article)

  • Change battery

Looking at the top of the chip, you will see a half circle groove on one side. Line that groove up with the matching groove on the chip slot.

The DMT-Chip is equipped with an eye delay function. This is the time in "ms" that the chip waits for a ball to be present before firing. This prevents half loads, and premature firing. Raise your Eye Delay setting. 

Solenoid Mod #1

Adding a spacer behind the solenoid minimizes the distance that the plunger must travel to release the sear. If you are having hammer release issues, this is the best way to eliminate the problem. Experiment with different thickness by using different size coins and washers. 


Solenoid Mod #2

Using the same concept as the spacer mod, you can simply "Drill and Tap" a set screw behind the solenoid. This will allow for fine tune adjustments of your solenoid. Having a properly set solenoid will allow longer battery-life and less headaches on the field!